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OMI was founded in November 2006 and in July 2012 they became a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry. They are strategically located in the north east corridor of  America among one of the largest populations of  Jewish people in the world. About 4 million Jewish people reside between Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, & Washington, DC.  Roger & Ann served for 13 years in the pastorate and 13 years with Friends of Israel prior to establishing OMI.  Prior to that Roger was a police officer in CT and served with the Marines in Vietnam.  Rogers love for Israel and the Jewish people began soon after being introduced to his Messiah by his wife Ann in 1972 and graduating from Moody Bible Institute and Lancaster Bible College.  His call became clear in 1992 at Black Rock Christian Retreat in PA while fasting and praying when God  led him to go tell, "Zion (Israel), Their God Reigns" (Isaiah 52:7).  OMI's goal is to LOVE Jewish people to their Messiah by Prayer (Psa 122:6), by Building their walls (Psa 51:18) and by Speaking tenderly to their hearts (Isa 40:1-2).  Please, Bevakasha  take some time to visit some of their sites and learn how they can be of service to you and then contact them at: 


c/o Roger & Ann Boguski

P.O. Box # 122

Lewisville, PA 19351

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