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It is not possible to over emphasize the importance of this prophecy both from the book of Daniel and the Bible. If you can, try to consider what God has revealed to Daniel, through the angel Gabriel. In this chapter he predicted the restoration of the Jewish people from the Babylonian captivity back to the land of Israel, and the reconstruction of Jerusalem. He prophesied the great opposition that would arise. He told of the coming Messiah in the form of a man, about His humiliation and His violent death. He described the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem after the Messiah's death, the fact that this destruction would be accomplished by the Romans and the unstable conditions that would follow. Finally, he spoke of the disastrous covenant that would be made with Rome, the ceasing of the sacrifices in Israel during the last days and God's final judgement on those who had brought this desolation on His special people. Surely no one, Jew or Gentile could dispute the claim that here is a prophecy of unusual significance and grandeur, one that has to be examined word by word, on our knees, and one that is referred to as, "the 'backbone' of Biblical prophecy."

Daniel Nine