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19.       PRAY – The Aaronic blessing over Israel and all of His people. Numbers 6:24-27.

20.       PRAY – For us to reach our ‘Soul Goal’ this year for God’s great glory.

21.       PRAY – For 12 new ‘Rope-Handlers’ to take up the slack due to this recession.

22.       PRAY – For God to really love ‘The apple of His eye’ through us this year and every year.

23.       PRAY – For the 10 new Ethiopian church plants in Israel, and the booklets & follow up material being printed.

24.       PRAY – For America to stand beside Israel as a true friend and ally.

25.       PRAY – For “The Peace of Jerusalem” (Sha’alu Shalom Yerushalayim) Ps. 122:6

26.      PRAY - For Zack & Becky as they serve as the senior Pastorate in C.T.

27.      PRAY -  For Roger & Tracey as they actively serve the Lord at their church in Rising Sun, Md.

28.      PRAY - For Jenn, our secretary at OMI, for God to use her skills to further equip 'OMI' & 'GBM'

29.     PRAY - For the persecuted Christians and Anti-Semitism in the world.

30.     PRAY - For the Messiah to come quickly. (Rev. 22:20)

11.       PRAY – For wisdom, direction, & vision as we reach out to 3.5 million Jewish friends from Boston to Baltimore.

12.       PRAY – For physical and spiritual strength to finish the work He called us to & for a hedge of spiritual protection.

13.       PRAY – For Adam & Janelle as they settle into Lancaster and God prepares their hearts for ministry.

14.       PRAY – For the leadership in Israel to be unified as one olive branch against adversity.

15.       PRAY – For traveling mercies as we drive over 15,000 miles a year for OMI.

16.       PRAY – For God's will, wisdom & direction for the future of 'OMI' & 'GBM' both home & abroad.

17.       PRAY – For Nick & Sarah as they plant a new church in west Fayetteville, N.C., and are expecting their 5th child in March.

18.       PRAY – For a hedge of ‘Spiritual Protection’ around all four of our children & their families.


“Roger & Ann Boguski – Olivet Ministries International”

1.         PRAY – For 'OMI' & 'GBM' for wisdom & direction to minister and share His word, for His glory.

2.         PRAY – For 50 Hebrew/English New Covenants to be placed in Jewish hands & homes.

3.         PRAY – For an open door at a local 'Torah Study' to study the Scriptures through Jewish eyes.

4.         PRAY – For our web-site olivetministries.com to reach out to Jewish & Gentile people.

5.         PRAY – For an open door for a Hebrew/Christian ministry at the, University of Delaware or Newark, D.E.

6.         PRAY – For Israel to possess the gates of their enemies and to live in peace.

7.         PRAY – For us to develop an effective ‘Flea Market Ministry’ & start a 'Book Table' to meet Jewish friends.

8.         PRAY – For our 3 ‘Root & Branch Fellowships’ to reach, teach, & influence the community we minister & live in.

9.         PRAY – For our 'Writing Ministry' & our '2 Blogs' for new in-roads into hearts & homes to, "the apple of his eye."

10.       PRAY – For our book club the "Scarlet Worm" to start up again and impact our community we live and work in.

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